Why is pet insurance useful?

Why pet insurance makes sense is best illustrated by three different cost examples.

Animal health insurance:

Golden Retriever Luna has had sensitive skin for some time, an allergic reaction was diagnosed at the vet. She needs medication now. Together with the follow-up treatment, the expenses for Luna’s owner add up to 821 euros without suitable dog insurance.

Animal Surgery Insurance:

Outdoor cat Lilly gets hit by a car. Overall, she gets off lightly, but her cruciate ligament is torn. The operation and follow-up treatments cost 1,100 euros.

Animal owner liability insurance:

Christoph’s dog is going for a walk with the neighbor today because his master has an urgent appointment. Although the mongrel never causes trouble, this time Rocky is startled by a kid appearing between parked cars. He grabs the boy’s hand. In addition to the medical costs of 300 euros, Christoph has to pay compensation of 1,500 euros without dog liability.

Reimbursement by the animal owner liability insurance: 1,800 euros

What is the cost of pet insurance?

What pet insurance costs depend largely on the benefits. The more extensive the reimbursement, the higher the contribution. There are also other factors:

Depending on the insurer and tariff, interested parties can agree on a deductible, or this is generally provided for. It means that expenses up to the specified amount are to be borne by the insured person. After that, the insurance will cover the costs.

Another variant is that with animal health insurance, for example, only a certain percentage of the expenses are insured. The insurance cover for the four-legged friends covers 80 percent, and the remaining 20 percent is paid for by the master and mistress themselves.